Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Article By A passionate Jamaican Like Myself

Laza_b i read your website (blog?) i think it is very excellent. I need more than the alloted 300 characters comment space. KEEP GOING I SUPPORT YOUR WORK.
Below is what i posted in News of the Day:

I believe that our country is afflicted in large parts by a criminal and corrupt outlook, in which criminal acts are treated lightly and sometimes called by affectionate names like “bandooloo” etc. Anyone who acts honestly,kindly and with a forgiving and positive Jamaican spirit is treated as a fool. Jamaicans living abroad, especially those who have been long-term residents leading hardworking, honest lives, are seen as idiots who are there to be robbed etc etc. I have come across so many Jamaicans who treat foreign living Jamaicans as an”enemy” because they have lived (despite the great difficulties- racism etc) a dignified life of working hard and standing up for our rights as a collective. This has been achieved without the Jamaican government of any party giving any help whatsoever. Because these people have not been part of the corrupt and criminal meltdown that has taken place in Jamaica, they have kept up some of the best aspects of Jamaican culture and attitude. What Jamaica needs is a large influx of these people to return home to help the vast majority of good people in Jamaica to deal with the fools who have been running the society into the ground.

The idiots who have been running the country have spread their stupid self-serving concepts of getting as much money as possible by any means necessary to buy things like cars, houses, namebrand clothes etc to show off on the next Jamaican. Part of this help is required in all spheres, but in particular we need assistance in law-enforcement, judicial bodies, administrative services.

Corruption in Jamaica has reached a stage now that NO-ONE in position of trust can be trusted. Politicians have been handing out guns to kill other Jamaicans is a well known fact, that is seen as normal. Self-declared criminal gangs are supported by politicians and allowed to carry on with every kind of crime possible etc etc. Policemen in large numbers and at all levels are involved with murders, robbery , drug-running etc etc. Administrators have been stealing large amounts of public funds and this is seen as normal; businessmen have been carrying out illegal activity etc etc. THIS IS WHAT THE YOUNGER GENERATION ARE TAUGHT TO FOLLOW, so why should they bother to learn anything at school. If it wasn’t for the hardworking Jamaicans, honest people, our many young people in the field of sports and some other endeavours Jamaica would be in complete disgrace. The large numbers of corrupt and criminal elements in so-called “top strata” is where the source of our problem lies.

It is this section that needs to be exposed. Imagine if the garrison people and others begin to expose the knowledge they have of the dangerous activity of these people. But there needs to be a movement for a better Jamaica part of which is to DISCUSS the criminal behaviour of this section on sites such as this one. For instance my family have been in a 10 year battle to get our funds from a teefin “big-shot” attorney (retired) called GRESFORD JONES, yes the one whose daughter Sonia Jones was imprisoned for a big fraud a few years ago. Derek Jones is son is that prominent attorney at Myers, Fletcher and Gordon. Having won the case, we still don’t have our funds returned yet and this is precisely because he has friends in the hierarchy in the legal system.

I think such internet message boards like this can be a useful tool to expose and discuss the activity of these FOOLS who are bringing such chaos and death to our lovely little country. AND I AM SURE IT WOULD MAKE VERY VERY INTERESTING DISCUSSION.

Jamaica Excels In Helsinki

Jamaica Excels in Helsinki
Kevon Campbell

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By Kevon Campbell
August 17, 2005

Officials and two athletes from Jamaica’s delegation to the recently concluded 10th IAAF World Track and Field Championships held in Helsinki, arrived back in Jamaica yesterday to a warm reception. Jamaica claimed 8 medals at the championships, with only the United States, Russia and Ethiopia garnering more medals. Jamaican Minister of Sport Portia Simpson Miller, in welcoming the contingent, proudly acknowledged that Jamaica finished in the top 10 of three categories - third-place in the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) points standing; fourth in the medal count; and ninth in the ranking of medals
Lets place this in perspective. Of the over 200 countries entering these championships, Jamaica finished third overall. Jamaica, which is 10,991 sq km, making it slightly smaller than Connecticut, won more medals than the likes of France, Spain, Great Britain, China and Australia. It is this same Jamaica, usually no more than a dot on the world map, that was the only country to participate in all four-relay finals, medalling in all but one, where they placed fourth after a photo finish.

In the world of track and field, Jamaica has always been known as the “sprint factory”, producing greats such as Merlene Ottey and Donald Quarrie. This tradition has been upheld with the likes of World 100m record holder Asafa Powell, and Olympic 200m Champion Veronica Campbell
. What is very intriguing though, is that the title of sprint factory, though still applicable, no longer describes the gamut of track and field talent that currently exists in Jamaica. One needs to look no further but at World Triple jump champion, Trecia Smith, another Jamaican.

Many young stars have emerged to fly the Jamaican flag high. Big things are expected of 18 yr old Usain Bolt, the World Junior Record holder at 200m. Despite running out of the dreaded lane one, Bolt seemed destined for a medal in the 200m finals, but pulled up going down the straight. One is left to see how young Bolt recovers from this, and he should no doubt live up to expectations next time around.
Another young star out of Jamaica is Asafa Powell, who has yet to prove himself in a major world final despite being the 100m world record holder. Powell finished fifth at the Athens Olympics, after going into the 100m finals with the best times of that year. To add further disappointment, Powell got injured just before the World Championships, eliminating the sense of anticipation of a Justin Gatlin–Asafa Powell showdown. Of course Gatlin, born of Jamaican parents and coached by a Jamaican, went on to win the 100m finals and add the World Championship crown to his Olympic victory.

That little island just south of Cuba has achieved wonders despite its size and economic capabilities. So much is expected by the Jamaican population whenever an athlete takes the track, that disappointment in poor performances is often piercing. One is left to wonder how much better the Jamaicans could get, if proper training centres and equipment were to become widely available in Jamaica. The island is overwhelmed with talent in many areas, and their wonderful performance in Helsinki, is just a slight indication of the glut of talent that Jamaica possesses.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Federal Communication Commission "Dictating" To Jamaica

So once again the USA through the arm of the FCC is trying to bully Jamaica. Can you imagine they have trying to DICTATE to our government how our own laws are set.

I am regularly a critic of our government (Jamaican) mainly when they create policies that affect the average person in Jamaica (negatively). Now our government, no matter what, decided to capitalise on the amount of international calls that are made to Jamaica from overseas, so the American telecommunication companies knowing very well that they are the ones who run America have filed a petition to the FCC to get our government to reduce the tax made on calls terminated in Jamaica.

The government implimented the tax in a effort to subsidise the free education initiave that they are trying to re-introduce in an effort to get our people more educated. We are not blessed to have benefited positively from slavely which resulted in countries such as Spain, France, the Great Britain and the British child (the great USA) to be able to build strong economies from the benefits and spoils obtained from slavery. I will not prolong the slavery issue any longer.

So I am upset that they are tying to undermine our countries administration, even though I make frequent calls home. I respect the laws of my counrty(Jamaica) and also that of my host country the "great USA".

SO Mr. FCC please leave our little country alone, we are trying to improve our educational system. I guess it is called capitalism, squeeze the poor to get richer. There is one thing that you forgot. Guess what? we are a capitalist society also!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am appauled and disgusted even by the letter that proposes that Edward Seaga should be a national hero. I was so angry when I saw the letter that I felt like not reading the Observer today. I read the Observer on a daily basis.

It is obvious to me that Bloom Harris does not know a darn thing about Jamaicas history, but as far as I am concerned Jamaica has lacked leadership over the last 40 or so years. I am 26 years old and I do not profess that I am a guru as far as it relates to Jamaicas politics but as far as I have read I beleive that Edward Seaga and Michael Manley are to be blamed to a certain extent for the current state of Jamaicas economy. Edward Seaga is more so to be blamed because he is the one that sided with Ronald Reagan during the cold war period when they thought that Jamaica was going to become a communist country, I don't beleive that I beleive that Michael Manley saw an economically independent Jamaica, and that was what he strove for and which we would have been. Due in part to that relationship, guns and ammunition was able to enter our country with help from outside sources to arm Seagas slaves and likewise PNP got wepons through from his sources. I will not name sources here, as I have no solid proof but, the findings are well accepted.

I am disappointed because it is people like BLOOM HARRIS and millions of other Jamaicans who who sit around on their behinds and allow the the Patterson administration to waste hard working poor tax payers money and come talking abot "youthful exhurberance". I am angry, because it is the same PJ that was involved in the Shell Scandal, it is Seaga that borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars and simply forgot to repay.

Our leadsers are a big joke, nonsense! I feel like throwing up with the simple mention of their names, I tell them they better wake up and stop stealing our money, we love Jamaica and we will protect our land and it's interests...JAHMEKYAH .. Don't forget, we are dead serious. Bloom Harris go to sleep and all you other stupid people who feel the same way.


I hope that the commissioner and other decision makers will take a read and if these methods are implemented I am sure that they will reap success.

How To Stem Crime In Cities

Recruit educated Social Scientist from the University to analyze the crimes committed and by what means (for example if guns type of guns). Once that is identified the police need to then develop a strategy to curb such violence. Since most of the crimes are committed in cities, the police need to set up a strategy to identify all routes leading to and particular communities and then set up rigid road blocks and search vehicles. Say a community is known to commit crimes. They should find out times crimes are most likely to be committed, by whom, what are they using etc, so as to paint a good image of the type of persons and what mode of transportation is normally used among other things.

The police should also utilize computer educated personnel to join he ranks or utilize the institutions who provide computer learning such as UTECH to design computer programs to help in their policing efforts. The police high command can put in a program encouraging persons, who say have developed the best computer program that assists in law enforcement can get a reward and if the computer programs is/are applicable it will be leased or purchased. We have all the resources in place to help ourselves and generate employment for our people at the same time.

Criminals that are caught should be thoroughly interrogated by trained Psychologists to solicit information from suspects and the suggested plea bargaining method can be used as a tool, to even acquire more information.

Use more intelligence, the Police themselves can act as undercover drug pushers or gun purchasers and identify the source of such weapons and they can utilize small cameras recorders and whatever technology that is out there as means for obtaining proof.

Since we don’t make guns in Jamaica and some of the weapons I see featured in crimes are high powered weapons, Government needs to put in place an intelligence network to reach the suppliers of such weapons, which most likely the roots are in the USA and bring suit against such persons, who are implicated in the export of such weapons.

Crime In Rural Areas
The authorities should move now, there is no reason for such to be allowed to escalate, almost every community in Jamaica is covered by at least one of the major cell phone networks. People should be encouraged to call the Police and report suspicious looking individuals and the police must act so as to send a strong signal. We have to end the type of policing we have in Jamaica where we only act when our “behinds” are under fire and not when the various elements are being put together.

Highways and criminal networks

The authorities should also put in place methods to deal with increased inter-parish commute and the ease at which criminals can move from one end of the Island and commit a crime and move back undetected. Therefore, I am suggesting increased border patrol and highway patrol especially at exits and entrances to the major thoroughfares and again more research needs to be carried out so that the police develop an accurate picture of what they are dealing.
I also believe that with the Government should look at installing spike strips on some of the major highways as a means fro catching criminals and shortening high speed chases.
We need to utilize the brilliant minds in our society we can help ourselves to overcome any obstacle we may face. As my mom would say, “…trust in God, everything happens for a good reason”. Jamaica, we will overcome. Congratulations to Asafa Powell, we feel even prouder to be JAMAICAN.

This is my opinion © 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005


I am longing for the time when all of this nonsense in Jamaica will end. It is time for Jamaica to end the stupidity of “don-man-ship” politics. I have long been a fierce critic of any politician that controls garrison communities, as we Jamaicans know what is taking place there.

It is time that Jamaicans let all the politicians know that once they are supporters of these criminal and terrorist networks, which goes far beyond the shackled communities that they have created and of which they have lost control, they will not be tolerated by the Jamaican public. Jamaicans here and abroad are FED UP and DISGUSTED.

I am no social scientist or trained professional in area of criminal Justice, but I believe that we Jamaicans need to be prepared and should be willing to surrender some of our freedom. In the sense that the Government should implement measures so that monies entering our country can be traced, also individuals who are caught with exorbitant amount of cash should validate where they got their money; by valid documentations such as receipts and proof that they are paying their taxes. Suspicious account holders should be monitored to see the activities that they are carrying out. From where are these murderers getting their money? We need to set up a system so that we can track money that is entering and flowing in peoples hands and where that money is being spent. We can’t have guys who do not work riding around on bikes costing near $1,000,000 JAD. Where do they get the money? Extortion?

When these menaces are caught with money that they cannot account for and are convicted, the money that was seized should be either plowed back into the communities are be added to strategies to combating crime, such as the purchasing of new technology. They should also amend the constitution so that all that individuals assets will be seized, such as land, house etc. The authorities need to send a strong signal to the people that they will not be tolerated.

We need to have better security. Why it that so much pressure is is being put on persons carrying a few “vegetables” with them overseas yet the bearers of guns go “scotch free”? Do we make guns in Jamaica? We barely make plastic!

We need to educate our people and make sure that they understand the economics behind their actions; whether they are law-abiding citizens or people who create a safe haven for these criminals. I am sure that some of them (criminals and terrorists) do not care about what they do because they are prepared to die. The truth on the other hand, no one really wants to die.

These criminals carry out their illegal activities with the confidence that they will not be caught. We need to create a more intelligence driven policing. We need to get rid of the notion that someone can do one or two exams and become police officers. We need to encourage and want police officers to go to college and be trained in courses such as sociology and psychology. We need to utilize the brilliant minds that are being wasted. The mind, as we all agree is an infinite resource. We should strive to develop educated and achievement-driven individuals.

More entrepreneurship is definitely needed in Jamaica, but with the current climate of crime, extortion, high interest rates and fear, it is not conducive to such activities. We have so many people who could have turned their ideas into opportunities, for the creation of wealth and well being in our country that are forced instead to see these [ideas] as mere delusions and for the many of us who are aspiring, shed tears and bleed in our hearts because of what is happening.

Mr. Politician, corporations, partnerships, mommas and papas we need to pay our taxes. I am in agreement with Mr. Surrige that everyone should pay his or her taxes. It is appalling how importers are cooking the books to cut the taxes that they should pay and also those who are collecting GCT and not paying it over. I am disappointed because it always “Mr. Poor” who has to pay for the inefficiencies of our elected officials. Mr. Davies, it’s not only a matter of collecting more, it should be a matter of collecting what is owed to you and to be efficient at it. Since we all want better schools, better policing and better amenities that comes with the “good life” then we all need to play our part in remaking Jamaica.

Law abiding Jamaicans, we have nowhere to go, let’s take back our country, good always triumphs over evil. We the law abiding people of Jamaica need to put our hearts and minds together. It should not matter whether you are in Arnett Gardens or Cherry Gardens; we are all Jamaicans and we want to feel good about our country. We are proud to be Jamaicans and I am sure that with peace and unity, prosperity and security guaranteed for all we will make Jamaica the envy of other nations