Monday, August 22, 2005

Federal Communication Commission "Dictating" To Jamaica

So once again the USA through the arm of the FCC is trying to bully Jamaica. Can you imagine they have trying to DICTATE to our government how our own laws are set.

I am regularly a critic of our government (Jamaican) mainly when they create policies that affect the average person in Jamaica (negatively). Now our government, no matter what, decided to capitalise on the amount of international calls that are made to Jamaica from overseas, so the American telecommunication companies knowing very well that they are the ones who run America have filed a petition to the FCC to get our government to reduce the tax made on calls terminated in Jamaica.

The government implimented the tax in a effort to subsidise the free education initiave that they are trying to re-introduce in an effort to get our people more educated. We are not blessed to have benefited positively from slavely which resulted in countries such as Spain, France, the Great Britain and the British child (the great USA) to be able to build strong economies from the benefits and spoils obtained from slavery. I will not prolong the slavery issue any longer.

So I am upset that they are tying to undermine our countries administration, even though I make frequent calls home. I respect the laws of my counrty(Jamaica) and also that of my host country the "great USA".

SO Mr. FCC please leave our little country alone, we are trying to improve our educational system. I guess it is called capitalism, squeeze the poor to get richer. There is one thing that you forgot. Guess what? we are a capitalist society also!!

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Anonymous said...

They have done it many times. Stand up Jamaica