Monday, December 27, 2010

What happened next? Jamaican crime and corruption | Life and style | The Guardian

Bruce Golding must go and be tried for treason! Bruce Golding is the most corrupt politician in the entire world he must go and be charged for treason. Please forward this article to your friend and enemies.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jamaica Gleaner News - Collywood comes to Jamaica - Entertainment - Sunday | December 26, 2010

How about Jamaicas own Hollywood guys? I think that is a great idea. I think that the same thing comes out of Hollywood(crap and more crap). I cannot even tell the actors and actresses apart, they all look the same, just kidding.

. Jamaica Gleaner News - Collywood comes to Jamaica - Entertainment - Sunday | December 26, 2010

Significant plunge in murders - Lead Stories - Sunday | December 26, 2010

So the Gleaner Jamaica is reporting that there has been a significant reduction in the murder rate. I think that obviously the Tivoli incursion proved to the gunmen and the would be gunmen that they are not above the law. All I think think that the people of Jamaica need to do is to demand that all drug lords not be associated with any political party/politicians, more courts and more police officers paroling all communities. The Tivoli incident showed us that either we pay to cleanup Jamaica or we pay to keep Jamaica clean. I know the one that is best for Jamaica.
Here is a link to the article in the Jamaica Gleaner.
Jamaica Gleaner News - Significant plunge in murders - Lead Stories - Sunday | December 26, 2010

First Miss Deaf Jamaica crowned - Jamaica Entertainment: Fashion, Music & TV News -

First Miss Deaf Jamaica crowned - Jamaica Entertainment: Fashion, Music & TV News -

This is some positive news right here. I am really happy for these young ladies here.

Jamaican election held over citizenship dispute

I am sure that the world thinks that we are complete idiots in Jamaica> how can we sit down and allow things like this to happen in Jamaica.
Jamaican election held over citizenship dispute

Bolt party, travel cost taxpayers millions - Jamaica Entertainment: Fashion, Music & TV News -

Bolt party, travel cost taxpayers millions - Jamaica Entertainment: Fashion, Music & TV News -

What do you think guys? Do you think that Jamaica is spending too much on Usain Bolt for the benefit of the country. I thin that 2.4M on promotion is well worth it compared to millions in the pocket of the governments cronies for free votes.

Drug Lord Dudus Coke Security General?

Jamaicas politicians are the absolute worst in the world. Can you imagine how much of a free reign those guys (dons) had? I honestly believe that the politicians should be tried for treason. They intentionally delayed the extradition thus allowing him time to get his(Dudus) ass out of Tivoli Gardens and thus gave his cronies time to set up a defense. All the families who lost relatives in the Tivoli Gardens war should sue Bruce Golding and his administration for what happened that faithful day. I think that Bruce Goldings administration knew what was going to happen and they tipped him off about the extradition because they wanted to cover their asses. They are a worthless bunch and they should not even be in charge of a sewage plant.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Payless Coming to Jamaica

Jamaica, cheap shoes are coming! Payless will be opening in store in Jamaica early 2011. I am happy for Payless because I know that we spend a lot, women especially! lol.

Here is a link.

Jamaica has No Constitution.

Have you been following the "recent" events of the various politicians who have sworn allegianne to other foreign governments in Jamaica? It shows how messed up Jamaicas political landscape it. As a matter of fact, I think that we need a new breed of politicians, ones who are actually Jamaicans and love Jamaica. One of the very first things that needs to be done is a total revamp of the courts, security forces and the education system. Here is a link to an article that you may find interesting that talks about Jamaicas political culture. A total mess,these are the reasons I think that we need to have a direct democracy.

Color, Class, and Politics in Jamaica (Third World Series)

Lorna Golding, Jamaica and Wikileaks

Newly released Wikileaks stuff via the Guardian proves that the Golding administration has no plans for the country of Jamaica. Here is a link to the article in the Gaurdian.

Christopher Dudus Coke and the Wikileaks Revelations

Here we go ahead guys. The honey keeps dripping from Wikileaks. Below is a cable relating to Wikileaks and the whole Dudus saga. We all know that the various political parties in Jamaica are in bed with the so-called dons. The dons in the shadows and the dons in the government are the ones who are really keeping the country back. They have proven to be selfish pieces of s#$it if you ask me. They are only interested in their own statue and the influence and control that they wield over their constituents. Did someone say plantocracy? Here is a cable that I lifted off the Guardians website. One of the most important things that is included in this cable, apart from the few incorrectly spelled words are the fact that the media in Jamaica(Gleaner and Observer) have taken sides for the most part with the various political parties. I will not say anymore, here is the cable below.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Wikileaks Capable and Jamaica Cuba Relations

Hey guys! I just found the official Wikileaks capable regarding Jamaica, Cuba , the USA and drugs moving through Cuban waters while the Jamaican police were accused of taking a hands-off approach. Well guys, here is the cable link Jamaica and Cuba Wiki-leaks. Let me know what you think, this is juicy stuff. This just shows how close-knit the Jamaican government and the dons were in bed together. I have also copied and pasted the document below, enjoy!! All I know is I am happy that the Duddus saga's behind us, I just hope that we can become a better country after this.

I guess I beat all of Jamaicas mainstream media to this news. I think that they should send me a percentage of their salaries. What do you think Observer and Gleaner.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beaches In Portland Jamaica

The Most Popular Beaches in Portland
The following beaches are known by everyone as they are the most popular.
  1. Frenchman's Cove
  2. Winnifred
  3. Boston Bay 
Less Popular beaches include but not limited to the following beaches.
  1. Shanshy Beach 
  2. Ras Johnson's Ranch
  3. Beach behind the College of Agriculture Science and Education (this is where I learned how to swim). I also had some time here. There is not a more breathtaking view. Try swimming to the nearby smaller island, be careful though. I have had friends to spot sharks just beyond the coral reefs out there where it gets must deeper.
  4.  There are also some nice beaches when you are leaving Portland on the right. Feel free to stop by one of the roadside vendors and they will show you some secret beaches.

Also, when you are passing through Port Antonio, the capital of Portland look out for Navy Island just off shore. Fisherman will charge you a small fee to take you out there for a swim. 

A High Wind in Jamaica

Jamaica Wikileaks

I wonder what other juicy information is contained in the leaked cables about Jamiaca. as soon as I get the information i will post them here so that you can get the scoop. it is going to be good!! However, guys I have been doing some thinkingWikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies. All cables with tags from 1 5000 [DOES NOT CONTAIN TEXT OF CABLES] about Cuba caring about drugs going to the USA. Why would Cuba care? Let me know what you think.

Beaches in Jamaica

Many readers have been asking me about some of the beaches in Jamaica. Here is a list of some of the beaches in Jamiaca.

To make the posts as short as possible I will be doing different posts and listing the beaches by parishes as we go. Here is some background information for people who are traveling to Jamaica. Actually, the best beaches are "hidden". Hidden means that only the locals know where they are.To get you thinking, the best beaches are actually to the east and south of the island. They are also less crowdy and more beautiful.Don't get me wrong, the other beaches are also beautiful. The main thing that I like about less traveled beaches is that you feel like you own it and better yet, most of them are free to the public. All you need is a ride and some good friends. Stay tuned for the list. I will begin in the parish of Portalnd, where I went to college and learned how to swim. If I left a beach off the lest let me know and I will add it. and Songwrita

A representative from connected with me via this site to inform me that the site is indeed 100% Jamaican own. That means that they are not just Jamaicans living abroad operating under the umbrella of Jamaica like some other sites that I will not name. The site is located and managed from Jamaica. The site is a lot of fun to use and I do hope that you will tell your friends about it.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Morgan Freeman Dead?

No! Morgan Freeman is not dead folks. It is just a twitter hoax
Resting Place

New Jamaican Online Game Called Songwrita

I played the game today, it is a lot of fun. Great flash work guys. has a great website.

This is a quote I lifted from their facebook page about the game. "Grounded in the principle of catching lyrics as they fall from the sky, this action game requires players to select an artiste, based on his or her most popular song. Participants are challenged with various obstacles to put the lyrics of the selected song together before it is skipped. Players have to successfully put the lyrics together to move to the next level."

To play the game users are required to have a facebook account, because the game is basically a facebook application.

I think that the game is a pretty good idea and it proves the point that information technology is an area where Jamaica can do very well because it's people are so creative. Basically the government has to create the environment and the people will move on from there. However, I cannot say for certain where they are located. If you know, let me know

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Usain Bolts Early Teachers

I just wanted the world to know that I was one of Usain Bolt's teachers in Jamaica. I was also his first cricket coach. I just wanted to post that because many people are shocked when I tell them that. I even have some people who think that I am telling a lie.

Bolt tell them I was your cricket coach at Waldensia Primary School In Sherwood Content. I am also really proud of the big man.
I would have been nice to have been mentioned in the book since I taught him how to be a fast bowler after I observed that with his height and athletic prowess he would have been a force on the cricket field even at 11 years old.

However, here is his book for sale on amazon. maybe I am in the credits somewhere.


Places To See in Jamaica

New 3x5 National Jamaican Flag National Jamaica Flags

Pretty soon I will be talking about some of the must see places in Jamaica. As a Jamaican I am very familiar with the really cool places in jamaica. If it is at the mountain top I know it. If it is in a whole, I also know it.

Also, if there is a questiom that you want to fire at me about Jamaica don't be afraid to ask.

As we say in Jamaica, "no problem" if you ask.


Jamaica A Safe Haven For Drug Lords?

The Following is a Diplomatic Cable that involves Jamaica and Wikileaks realease. I for one is not very surprised about this revelation. The GOJ is rreally not interested in protecting the land that we love. Here is the cable that I lifted from the pages of the Jamaica Obser. I cannot find it myself. As soon as I find it on wikileaks I will update this post.
Jamaica is still a nice place, we will vote them out and place who in power?

Wikileaks Jamaica Revelation

"11 August 2009, 13:32


SIPDIS EO 12958 DECL: 08/08/2029




1. (C) Summary: The U.S. Coast Guard Drug Interdiction Specialist (DIS) assigned to the U.S. Interests Section (USINT) in Havana, Cuba has spoken with Cuban Ministry of Interior (MININT) officials on multiple occasions, as recently as 4 August 2009, regarding their perceived lack of Government of Jamaica (GOJ) cooperation in attempting to curtail the flow of illicit narcotics to the Bahamas and the United States. Cuban MININT officials contend that narcotics smugglers from Jamaica are utilizing both Cuban airspace and waters to transport narcotics ultimately destined for the United States, but their repeated attempts to engage Jamaica on the issue have been ignored. End Summary.

2. (C) On 4 August 2009, DIS wrapped-up a two-day trip to Camaguey, Cuba where he received a briefing on the 5 July emergency landing of an aircraft, enroute from Jamaica, that dropped 13 bales of marijuana over a barren field in Cuba located southwest of Playa Santa Lucia in Camaguey Province. According to Cuban officials, the aircraft was destined for a pre-determined location over Bahamian waters where the narcotics would be dropped to two waiting go-fast vessels for eventual shipment to the United States. The crew of three discarded the contraband prematurely when they experienced engine problems.

3. (C) On 4 August, the DIS visited Joaquin de Aguero airport in Playa Santa Lucia where the smugglers' aircraft is located; DIS was provided with further insight from airport officials as to how the case played-out, and how Cuban authorities responded. According to the Cuban Anti-Drug police (DNA), all three traffickers onboard the aircraft are being detained in Cuba.

4. (C) The aforementioned case follows a 27 May 2009 case in which a joint-interdiction of a Jamaican go-fast vessel in the vicinity of Playa Guardalavaca, Cuba, that resulted in the Cuban Border Guard seizing 700 kg of Jamaican marijuana. This, after the Cuban Border Guard interdicted the vessel in its waters utilizing real-time information from OPBAT, USCG District 7, and the USCG DIS in Havana. The DIS attended a briefing on this case with Cuban officials, and boarded the subject narco-trafficking vessel.

5. (S) While the DIS is often briefed via formal means on the type of cases mentioned above, side-bar conversations during provincial trips outside of Havana with Cuban MININT officials often yield increased insight into Cuban counterdrug (CD) operations and mindset. A prevailing concern and significant frustration on the Cuban side is the reportedly complete lack of cooperation afforded them by the GOJ when it comes to CD information sharing. DIS has spoken to no fewer than 15 Cuban MININT officers whose primary missions/roles are drug interdiction or support to drug interdiction. Collectively and continually, they express frustration over the GOJ's consistent ignoring of Cuban attempts to increase the flow of drug-related information between the two island nations to increase interdictions and avoid "being surprised by drugs."

6. (C) MININT officers, specifically the MININT's international relations division and anti-drug directorate, with whom the DIS communicates extensively, consistently allude to the lengths the GOC has gone to in order to enhance the relationship. Without fail, MININT officials allude to the fact that narco-related information (i.e. information on go-fasts and aircraft transiting to/from Jamaica in the vicinity of Cuba) passed to the GOJ is always translated to English because in the past GOJ officials stated to the GOC that they did not understand Spanish; MININT officers report that despite their efforts, GOJ officials still do not respond.

7. (S) In October 2008, DIS attended a counternarcotics meeting onboard the RFA WAVE RULER in the Port of Havana. The meeting was arranged by the UK Defense Attache to encourage greater cooperation between GOC and GOJ over CD efforts; during conversations with the Attache, the DIS learned that the impetus behind the meeting was to bring GOC and GOJ authorities together to encourage greater dialogue, and to quash growing frustration between the two. In comments to the DIS after the meeting, Cuban officials stated that the two Jamaican officers "just sat there and didn't say anything." MININT officers mention that Jamaican officials commonly agree to greater information sharing in person; however, that is the extent of their efforts.

8. (C) Currently, Cuban officials appear resigned to the idea that they will not see greater GOJ cooperation in the near future. On 3 August, the DIS asked the chief of the MININT's international relations department if he thought Cuban officials would sit down at a table with USCG, DEA, Jamaican officials, and Cuban DNA officers to discuss CD issues; he said it would be a possibility, but that the GOC does not have a suitable liaison officer at its embassy in Jamaica. DIS responded by asking if an officer or group of officers from the DNA would be able to travel to Jamaica for such talks; he once again stated that it is a possibility.

9. (C) Comment: DIS gauges that the GOC genuinely desires greater information sharing on CD issues with Jamaican authorities to serve the GOC's strategic interests. Should we decide to pursue broader counternarcotics cooperation with the GOC, MININT-DNA may be willing to attend talks with US drug authorities in concert with Jamaican authorities. At the present time, however, it appears frustration is building within the ranks of the Cuban MININT-DNA, especially as CD cases continue to bring illicit narcotics in close proximity or actually to Cuba and its littorals, posing an interdiction challenge for Cuban authorities. Through their constant reminders to the DIS and via press reports to the Cuban people, GOC officials ultimately blame the United States for this problem due to the high demand for illicit narcotics by United States consumers. End Comment. FARRAR

Read more:"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teaching Networks

I was surfing the net and I found a really cool website that allows teachers to connect with each other, the community and even students. I think that is a great way to allow teaching to go back to really focusing on the community, the real back-bone of any society.

I hope that you will join me there to share lessons, strategies and to, just connect.

This is my linkURL at AccuTeach-

See you there