Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Article By A passionate Jamaican Like Myself

Laza_b i read your website (blog?) i think it is very excellent. I need more than the alloted 300 characters comment space. KEEP GOING I SUPPORT YOUR WORK.
Below is what i posted in News of the Day:

I believe that our country is afflicted in large parts by a criminal and corrupt outlook, in which criminal acts are treated lightly and sometimes called by affectionate names like “bandooloo” etc. Anyone who acts honestly,kindly and with a forgiving and positive Jamaican spirit is treated as a fool. Jamaicans living abroad, especially those who have been long-term residents leading hardworking, honest lives, are seen as idiots who are there to be robbed etc etc. I have come across so many Jamaicans who treat foreign living Jamaicans as an”enemy” because they have lived (despite the great difficulties- racism etc) a dignified life of working hard and standing up for our rights as a collective. This has been achieved without the Jamaican government of any party giving any help whatsoever. Because these people have not been part of the corrupt and criminal meltdown that has taken place in Jamaica, they have kept up some of the best aspects of Jamaican culture and attitude. What Jamaica needs is a large influx of these people to return home to help the vast majority of good people in Jamaica to deal with the fools who have been running the society into the ground.

The idiots who have been running the country have spread their stupid self-serving concepts of getting as much money as possible by any means necessary to buy things like cars, houses, namebrand clothes etc to show off on the next Jamaican. Part of this help is required in all spheres, but in particular we need assistance in law-enforcement, judicial bodies, administrative services.

Corruption in Jamaica has reached a stage now that NO-ONE in position of trust can be trusted. Politicians have been handing out guns to kill other Jamaicans is a well known fact, that is seen as normal. Self-declared criminal gangs are supported by politicians and allowed to carry on with every kind of crime possible etc etc. Policemen in large numbers and at all levels are involved with murders, robbery , drug-running etc etc. Administrators have been stealing large amounts of public funds and this is seen as normal; businessmen have been carrying out illegal activity etc etc. THIS IS WHAT THE YOUNGER GENERATION ARE TAUGHT TO FOLLOW, so why should they bother to learn anything at school. If it wasn’t for the hardworking Jamaicans, honest people, our many young people in the field of sports and some other endeavours Jamaica would be in complete disgrace. The large numbers of corrupt and criminal elements in so-called “top strata” is where the source of our problem lies.

It is this section that needs to be exposed. Imagine if the garrison people and others begin to expose the knowledge they have of the dangerous activity of these people. But there needs to be a movement for a better Jamaica part of which is to DISCUSS the criminal behaviour of this section on sites such as this one. For instance my family have been in a 10 year battle to get our funds from a teefin “big-shot” attorney (retired) called GRESFORD JONES, yes the one whose daughter Sonia Jones was imprisoned for a big fraud a few years ago. Derek Jones is son is that prominent attorney at Myers, Fletcher and Gordon. Having won the case, we still don’t have our funds returned yet and this is precisely because he has friends in the hierarchy in the legal system.

I think such internet message boards like this can be a useful tool to expose and discuss the activity of these FOOLS who are bringing such chaos and death to our lovely little country. AND I AM SURE IT WOULD MAKE VERY VERY INTERESTING DISCUSSION.


Brooks said...

I feel your pain my brother. I had to copy your comment and put it here.

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