Monday, August 15, 2005


I am longing for the time when all of this nonsense in Jamaica will end. It is time for Jamaica to end the stupidity of “don-man-ship” politics. I have long been a fierce critic of any politician that controls garrison communities, as we Jamaicans know what is taking place there.

It is time that Jamaicans let all the politicians know that once they are supporters of these criminal and terrorist networks, which goes far beyond the shackled communities that they have created and of which they have lost control, they will not be tolerated by the Jamaican public. Jamaicans here and abroad are FED UP and DISGUSTED.

I am no social scientist or trained professional in area of criminal Justice, but I believe that we Jamaicans need to be prepared and should be willing to surrender some of our freedom. In the sense that the Government should implement measures so that monies entering our country can be traced, also individuals who are caught with exorbitant amount of cash should validate where they got their money; by valid documentations such as receipts and proof that they are paying their taxes. Suspicious account holders should be monitored to see the activities that they are carrying out. From where are these murderers getting their money? We need to set up a system so that we can track money that is entering and flowing in peoples hands and where that money is being spent. We can’t have guys who do not work riding around on bikes costing near $1,000,000 JAD. Where do they get the money? Extortion?

When these menaces are caught with money that they cannot account for and are convicted, the money that was seized should be either plowed back into the communities are be added to strategies to combating crime, such as the purchasing of new technology. They should also amend the constitution so that all that individuals assets will be seized, such as land, house etc. The authorities need to send a strong signal to the people that they will not be tolerated.

We need to have better security. Why it that so much pressure is is being put on persons carrying a few “vegetables” with them overseas yet the bearers of guns go “scotch free”? Do we make guns in Jamaica? We barely make plastic!

We need to educate our people and make sure that they understand the economics behind their actions; whether they are law-abiding citizens or people who create a safe haven for these criminals. I am sure that some of them (criminals and terrorists) do not care about what they do because they are prepared to die. The truth on the other hand, no one really wants to die.

These criminals carry out their illegal activities with the confidence that they will not be caught. We need to create a more intelligence driven policing. We need to get rid of the notion that someone can do one or two exams and become police officers. We need to encourage and want police officers to go to college and be trained in courses such as sociology and psychology. We need to utilize the brilliant minds that are being wasted. The mind, as we all agree is an infinite resource. We should strive to develop educated and achievement-driven individuals.

More entrepreneurship is definitely needed in Jamaica, but with the current climate of crime, extortion, high interest rates and fear, it is not conducive to such activities. We have so many people who could have turned their ideas into opportunities, for the creation of wealth and well being in our country that are forced instead to see these [ideas] as mere delusions and for the many of us who are aspiring, shed tears and bleed in our hearts because of what is happening.

Mr. Politician, corporations, partnerships, mommas and papas we need to pay our taxes. I am in agreement with Mr. Surrige that everyone should pay his or her taxes. It is appalling how importers are cooking the books to cut the taxes that they should pay and also those who are collecting GCT and not paying it over. I am disappointed because it always “Mr. Poor” who has to pay for the inefficiencies of our elected officials. Mr. Davies, it’s not only a matter of collecting more, it should be a matter of collecting what is owed to you and to be efficient at it. Since we all want better schools, better policing and better amenities that comes with the “good life” then we all need to play our part in remaking Jamaica.

Law abiding Jamaicans, we have nowhere to go, let’s take back our country, good always triumphs over evil. We the law abiding people of Jamaica need to put our hearts and minds together. It should not matter whether you are in Arnett Gardens or Cherry Gardens; we are all Jamaicans and we want to feel good about our country. We are proud to be Jamaicans and I am sure that with peace and unity, prosperity and security guaranteed for all we will make Jamaica the envy of other nations


Anonymous said...

This article sounds as though it's an echo of my own thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for pointing out the obvious. please keep speaking out!