Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Jamaican Online Game Called Songwrita

I played the game today, it is a lot of fun. Great flash work guys. has a great website.

This is a quote I lifted from their facebook page about the game. "Grounded in the principle of catching lyrics as they fall from the sky, this action game requires players to select an artiste, based on his or her most popular song. Participants are challenged with various obstacles to put the lyrics of the selected song together before it is skipped. Players have to successfully put the lyrics together to move to the next level."

To play the game users are required to have a facebook account, because the game is basically a facebook application.

I think that the game is a pretty good idea and it proves the point that information technology is an area where Jamaica can do very well because it's people are so creative. Basically the government has to create the environment and the people will move on from there. However, I cannot say for certain where they are located. If you know, let me know

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Anonymous said...

a jamrock we deh man. the concept is 100% born and bred jamaican.