Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beaches In Portland Jamaica

The Most Popular Beaches in Portland
The following beaches are known by everyone as they are the most popular.
  1. Frenchman's Cove
  2. Winnifred
  3. Boston Bay 
Less Popular beaches include but not limited to the following beaches.
  1. Shanshy Beach 
  2. Ras Johnson's Ranch
  3. Beach behind the College of Agriculture Science and Education (this is where I learned how to swim). I also had some time here. There is not a more breathtaking view. Try swimming to the nearby smaller island, be careful though. I have had friends to spot sharks just beyond the coral reefs out there where it gets must deeper.
  4.  There are also some nice beaches when you are leaving Portland on the right. Feel free to stop by one of the roadside vendors and they will show you some secret beaches.

Also, when you are passing through Port Antonio, the capital of Portland look out for Navy Island just off shore. Fisherman will charge you a small fee to take you out there for a swim. 

A High Wind in Jamaica

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