Friday, March 16, 2007


I sent this letter to both the Gleaner and the Observer 17/03/2007

The government needs to fire the entire cabinet. I am so ashamed of the fact that whenever people think about Jamaica all they think about is hotels, crime and marijuana.

We have enough educated Jamaicans, where-ever they may be, who can really put the resources of the country to good use, rather than selling out to multinationals whose only focus is on their stockholders.

The leaders of Jamaica must understand that their sole purpose of being in office is to serve the people of Jamaica. We need to look beyond bauxite and tourism. What has tourism done for Jamaica? Nothing!! What’s the average salary of a person in the hotel industry? Working in the hotel industry today, I think is no different from working in the sugar industry. It’s no different from indentured work. It’s not much different from slavery!

What will happen to Jamaica when Castro dies or say Cuba is invaded or Cuban people decide that they want “democracy” and Americans or other tourists that we depend on decide to go to a cleaner and safer country? Tourist are tired of going to all inclusive hotels (not all want that), they want to experience the culture and the people, they are tired of being scared into “apartheid form tourism”.

The people need to be put to efficient and productive use. There are too many unemployed and underemployed people in Jamaica. Look at the Gross Domestic Product of Jamaica! What do you see?

The elections are coming up, it is full time the people of Jamaica stop seeing them-selves as PNP or JLP or NDM. It’s not a party, its Jamaica. Stop and look at the situation critically, look and listen to what the leaders are doing and saying. Vote on issues, not on party affiliations. Don’t allow your democratic right to be bought, don’t sell your vote!

If you sell your vote you are no different from the Africans of over 400 years ago who sold their brothers and sisters into slavery. Jamaicans, be an educated voter, don't vote for someone who is black or white, rich or poor. Instead be an educated voter who votes on the issues, and the government must realize that we are the ones who put them where they are and if they fail to deliver we will kick them out.

Too many educated Jamaicans are leaving the country to go abroad because they had no opportunity to find work, or pay for their studies, or because of the crime, or not being able to get a loan to start a business. Jamaicans must realize that we are a great people, a great country. Look at America or Britain or wherever, they may be richer, more powerful, but they lack a soul, a spirit that Jamaica has, trust me. Jamaica is a wonderful country!

Sister P. wakeup and realize that many Jamaicans across the world would be willing come-back and help the country. The prime minister and the media should preach nationalism and education, we have a great country.

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De Immigrant said...

As a Jamaican living abroad I know that myself and others are always searching for opportunities to help pull Ja out of the rut she has been in for the past 35 years. The entire West Indies has left us behind economically. We boast of 3% GDP growth. That is a joke, other islands are worried that they are at 5% growth yet we feel PROUD with our 3%.
Our daily horrific crimes are nothing but shame to us during the WCC when we are in the world spotlight. They continue unabated.
As you said JLP or PNP, enough is enough!! When do we start to turn this ship around?? If Singapore can be so successful with less than half of the resourses that we have then why not us? What have they being doing that we are missing out on?