Friday, April 14, 2006

Jamaica the most homophobic place on earth?

I just read an article on Time's website and had to reply to the author of the article:
I am a Jamaican, I have read your article and I believe that it is utterly biased in the sense that it portrays all Jamaicans as being homophobic. I believe that to a certain extent gays are afraid to disclose or display their sexual orientation in public. You have to understand that Jamaica is a very conservative country, despite the image that you are trying to portray by saying that we have the highest murder rate in the world. The question you should be asking yourself is. why is it that we have such a high murder rate? Do we make guns? Where are the guns coming from?
You may say that is not your problem, well you are wrong. As you may agree that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Depending on your religious and sexual orientation you may be biased in your judgment towards the homosexuality dispute/s. I personally would never condone the beating or lynching of anyone, no matter the excuse. I think that Jamaica is the way it is because almost everyone on the island was brought up under what you most rightly said are “ultra conservative Christian” values, but we were not all brought up in slums. We do not want our home to become the next Sodom and Gomorrah! In essence what I am saying is that, in Jamaica there is a fair that Jamaica will be overrun by immorality.

In some countries homosexuals are stoned if found to be guilty. So I know that your headline was chosen to garner attention, and it is very unfortunate that only bad news is sensational enough to make the Time Magazine. Well I guess if you want good news you have to pay for it. Nuff luv.