Friday, April 14, 2006

Jamaica the most homophobic place on earth?

I just read an article on Time's website and had to reply to the author of the article:
I am a Jamaican, I have read your article and I believe that it is utterly biased in the sense that it portrays all Jamaicans as being homophobic. I believe that to a certain extent gays are afraid to disclose or display their sexual orientation in public. You have to understand that Jamaica is a very conservative country, despite the image that you are trying to portray by saying that we have the highest murder rate in the world. The question you should be asking yourself is. why is it that we have such a high murder rate? Do we make guns? Where are the guns coming from?
You may say that is not your problem, well you are wrong. As you may agree that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Depending on your religious and sexual orientation you may be biased in your judgment towards the homosexuality dispute/s. I personally would never condone the beating or lynching of anyone, no matter the excuse. I think that Jamaica is the way it is because almost everyone on the island was brought up under what you most rightly said are “ultra conservative Christian” values, but we were not all brought up in slums. We do not want our home to become the next Sodom and Gomorrah! In essence what I am saying is that, in Jamaica there is a fair that Jamaica will be overrun by immorality.

In some countries homosexuals are stoned if found to be guilty. So I know that your headline was chosen to garner attention, and it is very unfortunate that only bad news is sensational enough to make the Time Magazine. Well I guess if you want good news you have to pay for it. Nuff luv.


Stunner said...

Thank you for your defense!

I'm tired of these damn bastards hitting on Jamaica and forcing us to accept this nastiness! And trying blow things out of proportion!

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Jamaican said...

As a fellow Jamaican somehow I feel the need to challenge both Brook and Stunner, so that neither of these two individuals tarnish the name of the country I love so much Jamaica. Let me first of all start off by saying that I do not condone homosexuality as I believe it is wrong. This fact is clear from reading numerous books from the bible.
However I do not, in any way, condone the murder or mistreatment of anyone known or considered to be gay.
The problem is alot of us Jamaicans are trying to play God by killing these people, acting as judge and jury, without first reading the bible. We quote scriptures that we hear from the reggae artistes without knowing the bible says. The bible does condemn homosexuality, but in the New Testament we learn of Gods grace to mankind, to each and everyone of us. We and I repeat We are all sinners who need Gods forgiveness. The bible in addition to speaking out against homosexuality, says, “though shall not kill (a lot of these people killing gays are transgressing therefore) It even goes on to say, that even if you harbour hatred, or malice against your brother you are erring. The bible also speaks against fornication (having sex before marriage) adultery (sleeping with someone who is already married) lying, stealing and much more. I have not heard a one song condemning these acts which are sins, instead they are glorified in the current dance hall culture. These too are sins and if anyone does not repent of these sins, they as the homosexuals are in danger of hell fire. I therefore charge my fellow Jamaicans, if there is anyone free of sin; cast the first stone the next time a homosexual is being murdered.
May God bless Jamaica.

Brooks said...

Jamaican I am in no way encouraging anyone to attack gays. The point I want to make is that homosexuality should not be imposed.

James Brennand said...

All comments posted just ratify what the article had exposed. If Bible condemns homosexuality, then it also condemns consuming shrimps. It is time for Jamaicans to take responsibilities for what they think and do, DO NOT MASK IT.

Anonymous said...

.... And it is Not uncommon for gay men/women to be mistreated in Jamaica. I have Witnessed it 1st hand while in Jamaica on Vacation. I was in clear view while watching a group of men attack 2-3 men who were said to be gay. How is it one's buisness to condemn anyone for anything, being responsible for your person should be the priority. I belive the bible in it's entirety, however there are many other things that people in Jamaica ought to be bothered by, eg the fact that the law of the land is never justified.. you'll probably never know until beaten by one of the corruptive cops on one of their regularly routine traffic stops. There are way too many jobless, hungry, bad-minded people in Jamaica to worry about than the gay men/women who poses no threat. Just too many pople having little or no education strats the problem.. I can't see the difference in dress codes with a 'gay' man in jamaica and the other MEN who thinks wearing tight pants, bleaching 'dem face' and wearing 2 ear-rings are any different... do you..? Try addressing issues that may benefit you, or your immediate.. How many homeless people do you see downtown or in Half-way-Tree, Kingston.... How about trying to get in place a healthcare system that will benefit you... Someone being gay, straight, black, Jewish, or other does not have a direct impact on your ability to thrive and to be successful...

Remember if you are to allow anyone to affect your ability to live-peacefully (with a clear head) then you might be the one with a problem.. Get Civil, lets Educate ourselves for if we were to relocate as some may wish, the games changes... You will be locked up for discriminating... in a more controlled environment I pray for you - ric.dom