Saturday, December 24, 2005

JLP and PNP----Jamaica Depressed!!

So who do you think will emerge as the leader of the PNP, will it be Blythe, Davies, Simpson-Miller or Phillips? I get depressed thinking about politics in Jamaica and the manner in which the political strive created by Bustamante and Manley has eveloped and created the climate for such depression in Jamaicas current economy. I don't care who really wins and as a mater a fact, I don't care who wins the leadership Of the PNP. I am interested in what is happening within the camp of the Jamaica Labour Party, I must say that I am very disappointed in with the current opposition, I don't see anything that they have done that makes me feel confident in their abalities to lead Jamaica. It is full time that the young people of Jamaica rise up and realise that we are the majority and that we can create our own party and lead Jamaica in the direction that we want it to go.
In a next post I will break down the demographics of jmaica and show how the young peolope of Jmaica can determine their future.

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Anonymous said...

The PNP is in a state now where dirty laundry is been put out in the public. The leader ship race is a race that at this time was not necessary.
So mr Peter leave MAMA P in the drivers seat for now. And put YOUR energy into putting the party and the country back on its feet.